Introduction to NetShare - Flutter opensource project

Introduction to NetShare - Flutter opensource project


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It’s been a few months since I first launched NetShare on Twitter, and I’m so excited to announce the release of a new version that brings new features and improvements. For those of you who may have missed the initial launch, NetShare is an open-source Flutter project that makes it easy to share data in a local network.

Let’s start with a quick recap of what NetShare achieved so far. In the previous launch, I shared how NetShare can help users share files between MacOS and Android platforms. Flutter lovers expressed interest in the first version:

Thank you all for this interest, it has motivated me to persist in releasing the current and upcoming versions. Since then, I’ve been working to improve NetShare and make it even more useful for everyone. I’m proud to share that NetShare has now released version 2.0, which includes new features and enhancements. Here are some of the key updates in this release:

1. Build for Windows and Linux

NetShare has expanded the supported platforms to include Windows and Linux, in addition to the existing Android and macOS from the previous release. This makes NetShare accessible to even more users, regardless of their operating system. Check out the demo video on YouTube channel!

2. Switching between Client and Server modes

With the new version, users can now switch between Client and Server modes, making it easy to control the flow of data between devices.

3. File mime type icon

The application added file mime-type icons to make it easier to identify different file types at a glance.

4. Download/Open file and file state

Users can now download and open files directly from within NetShare, as well as see the state of each file.

5. Open sharing native directory

Manually finding and opening the sharing directory can be time-consuming and frustrating. Now users can open it directly from NetShare, saving time and hassle.

6. Display server uptime

NetShare now displays server uptime, giving users a better sense of how long their server has been running.

7. QR Connect method

This helps users easy to connect devices without the need for typing in IP address and port.

8. Drag-drop and remove files on the uploading screen

With the new version, users can now drag and drop files on the uploading screen, as well as remove files from the queue.

9. Limit window size on desktop

Limiting window size on desktop to ensure a better user experience.

10. Friendly desktop UI/UX

Finally, I’ve made numerous improvements to the desktop UI/UX to ensure a more user-friendly experience overall.

I’m thrilled to bring these new features to the NetShare and hope users will make data sharing even more seamless and convenient. As always, I welcome feedback and suggestion from everyone, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have ideas or comments to share.

Keep up with NetShare progress by following the project on Github and Twitter:

Thanks for your support, and happy NetSharing!